Friday, July 1, 2011

rocket launchers

Police brief villagers on how to spot terrorists armed with rocket launchers

They are more used to attending talks on spotting rare birds or butterflies. But the villagers of Surrey are now being given briefings on identifying altogether more sinister visitors: terrorists armed with rocket launchers.

Police took a rocket launcher to brief residents at Ockham village hall.

Police took a rocket launcher to brief residents at Ockham village hall. 
So you yokels if you spot a person with an oversized backpack stop him and tell him to report in to the local police station ,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

coptic banner

An Egyptian Copt observes the scene, wrapped in a sheet on which a Christian cross has been painted with the blood of a victim,
Christians are back praying in a church targeted a day earlier by an apparent suicide bomber in an attack that killed 21 and wounded 97.
Dozens attended Sunday Mass at the Saints Church in Egypt's Mediterranean port city of Alexandria while riot police backed by armored vehicles were deployed outside.
The attack Saturday was the worst violence against Egypt's Christian minority in a decade. It sparked clashes between Christians who say the government hasn't done enough to protect them and riot police fire at the Christians  not the Muslims.
The Interior Ministry blamed the bombing on "foreign elements."
The Alexandria governor accused al-Qaida,  IS AL-qaida from another planet what faith are they??? pointing to the terror network's branch in Iraq, which has attacked Christians there and threatened Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Christian community.
 IT SEEMS  Copyright 2011 The Associated Press.want all the glory on this,   why has it not written about all the other atrocities that have happened  here in recent months, 3 Christians where killed  in Cairo not as they say, one,
raz-nag hammadi most of the victims were shot with rubber bullets fired above the waistline by the police some at point blank range, almost 1000 churches burnt, the violation of a coptic priest and his wife near my home here in Luxor,  pollice confiscated every camera and mobile phone cards in the area  around the church,
 how was this unless it was a pre meditated raid on the priest and his wife in order to get them out of the church, the church has to be razed to the ground on the orders of luxors guvorner. to proceed with the dig of the avenue of the sphinx, even though the church is not built on the avenue itself,  do al-Qaida get the glory of all of this,

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and this is  exactly what  this corrupt Egyptian government want,   we have already had 4 versions of what happened  since 00.30 1st January 2011.
no blogs, no talk of what goes on inside egypt. it is an offence to say anything about Egypt.
what  foreign elements, are we being bombed by another element like Martians from another planet, this is Egypt 91% Muslim on the orders of  its president back in the 70's
not heard any stories where he put  Muslims in jail  only those that opposed this regime,
 now he wants the people to stand together, the only time a Muslim will stand by A Christian is when he is being killed.  this violence is on the streets  3 times I have been stoned by young boys  twice here in villages near Luxor and once in a village on the lake Qaroun two months ago,  so what do they teach the kids in the Islamic schools certainly not protect the infidel,